Porsche 944 washer pump repair


1. Common problems

Almost 40 years old water pumps tend to leak or can be damaged like this one.
I have found out that one of the hose connectors is broken

After some cleaning with a power cleaner and a brass brush I could read the OE number: 823955651.
You can buy a new water pump on autodoc from 20 to 60 USD.

Inside of the pump before cleaning.

I have used a small aluminium tube as a temporary fix.
This is before cleaning.
The tube cannot stick out inside the pump.
Gears are still in a good shape so there is no need to replace the pump because of wearing out.

After a 3mm drill was used.
Next step is grinding the aluminium tube and cleaning the entire pump.

The plastic and aluminium parts hav been cleaned with a sandpaper and a degreaser and lubed together.
I kept the aluminum tube surface rough for a purpose – plastic tube will hold better.

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