Anycubic Kossel Klipper OctoKlipper plugin


I highly recommend using this plugin with Klipper.
It provides Macro functions and other awesome features.

1. Installation

Open your browser and insert Raspberry’s IP address or use octopi.local/
Login into Octoprint.

Click on settings.

Navigate to Plugin Manager.
Click on Get More…

Copy this installation link:

You can find more informations here:

And insert that link in Install new Plugins … from URL

Wait until the installation will be done.
Click on Close.

2. OctoKlipper settings

Go to settings

You can keep the Basic settings stock.

You can keep the Basic settings default.

You can find more about macros in this article:

Anycubic Kossel Klipper Macros

Macros are one of the best features in Klipper FW. You can easily create g-code commands and call them with their name. There are two ways to use macros:1. As buttons in Octoprint2. As commands in g code in your slicer – start/end g-code 1. Download file with macros I have prepared some macros for you that I use in


Bed leveling

Klipper configuration and macros are the best thing in this plugin.
You can simply modify your printer.cfg configuration file via this plugin.
No need to edit this file via SFTP and text editor.

3. Hot to use it

As you can see on the left side in Macros, I already use some of them.
I prefer one mouse click on the macro button over sending a command from Terminal window.

Also on the right side you can see more tool, you will use Firmware the most for sending new printer.cfg to your printer.

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  1. I’ve installed the plugin but it remains always in ‘off’ state when I check the plugin manager

    Any hint?

  2. Once you’ve installed Klipper I found I had to restart my Pi and my printer to get them to communicate. Unplugging the USB and the Pi restarts didn’t seem to do it. I spent quite a long time trying to diagnose connections issues, but powering it all off and on again got it working ­čÖé

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