V6 Bore heat break


This is my most favourite heat break for PLA. Bowden tubes goes all the way through the heat break and touches the nozzle. I would recommend this heat break for printers using only PLA without carbon/sparkes/wood and nothing else, because a lot of bowdens cannot withstand higher temperatures. Capricorn, Mellow, Trianglelab bowdens can be used up to 250°C, but it is not a recommended solution.

1. Is it a good choice for my 3D printer?

Direct drive extruder:
Not a good choice.
It is much better to use a titanium heat break or a copper heat break.

Bowden extruder:
Suitable for PLA without additives such as sparkles, carbon fibres, wood etc.
The biggest advantage over a PTFE heat break is that there are not so many transitions in the filament path.
The other nice thing is much easier maintenance – just take out the bowden, cut it and insert it back.

2. What is it made of?

This heat break is entirely made of stainless steel.
Cross section of the middle part of the heat break is larger than in other heat breaks, it’s surface is larger so it transfers more heat from heat block to heatsink.

Let's compare thermal conductivity:

Stainless steel: 16-24 W/m*K
Titanium alloy: 5-7 W/m*K

3. Cross-section

This is how a cross-section of a V6 hot end with a bore heatbreak looks like (without the heatsink).

4. Dimensions

5. Weight

As you can see in the comparison below, the weight is:
Bore heat break:        2.24 g
Titanium heat break:  1.85 g

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