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After flashing Klipper, it is necessary to perform a delta calibration.
Delta calibration will probe multiple points on bed and calculate rod length, tower angle, z height and other delta variables.

1. Attach and connect Z probe

2. Open OctoPrint

Open OctoPrint and connect to printer.

3. Delta calibration

Open Terminal and send home command:
Send this command after the printer homes:


4. Understand your calibration values

After a succesful delta calibration, you will see all values in a terminal window.
As you can see in the picture, it consists of three parts:

probe at x y is z
This tells you Z height at each probing point at X, Y coordinates.

stepper_a/b/c position_endstop : angle: arm:
stepper a = x tower, stepper b = y tower, stepper c = z tower
position_endstop – tells you distance between bed and end stop
angle – angle between tower and cartesian coordinates
arm – arm lenght


5. Save cakubration values

To values with this command:

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  1. i got this message what shoud i do?
    Recv: // Starting manual Z probe. Use TESTZ to adjust position.
    Recv: // Finish with ACCEPT or ABORT command.
    Recv: // Z position: ?????? –> 5.000 <– ??????
    Recv: // Unknown command:"PROBE"
    Recv: !! Already in a manual Z probe. Use ABORT to abort it.

      1. i’m sorry , just forgot not edited the config file… for selecting the probe type…
        right now my printer work like a charm thanks to your tutorial…..

  2. Is there a way to do Delta Calibration without a probe but using the nozzle and a sheet of Paper? (just Like the G33 on MK4DUO or Marlin)

  3. If i do that my probe crashes into the bed?? I used your config for the SKR 1.3 and i only changed the steppers to 2209_uart..

    I use the Anycubic probe V2. Is there anything else i should change??

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