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After flashing Klipper, it is necessary to perform a delta calibration.
Delta calibration will probe multiple points on bed and calculate rod length, tower angle, z height and other delta variables.

1. Attach and connect Z probe

2. Open OctoPrint

Open OctoPrint and connect to printer.

3. Delta calibration

Open Terminal and send home command:
Send this command after the printer homes:


4. Understand your calibration values

After a succesful delta calibration, you will see all values in a terminal window.
As you can see in the picture, it consists of three parts:

probe at x y is z
This tells you Z height at each probing point at X, Y coordinates.

stepper_a/b/c position_endstop : angle: arm:
stepper a = x tower, stepper b = y tower, stepper c = z tower
position_endstop – tells you distance between bed and end stop
angle – angle between tower and cartesian coordinates
arm – arm lenght


5. Save cakubration values

To values with this command:

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  1. Ahoj, našel jsem doma jedno rPi zero a skouším zprovoznit Klipper ale nedaří se mi nakalibrovat tiskárnu. Když zadám DELTA_CALIBRATE, extruder začne klesat ale zastaví se cca 10cm nad hotbedem a mainsailo napíše:
    Probe samples exceed samples_tolerance
    probe at -0.000,0.000 is z=31.933995
    probe at -0.000,0.000 is z=29.983995
    Nevíš kde je problém?

    1. Ahoj, podle me mas spatne typ sondy.
      Tohle znamena, ze sonda triggerovala v tech dvou vzdalenostech a rozdil je mezi nimi takovy, ze nema smysl takovou kalibraci pouzit.

      Zkontroluj si typ sondy (pred pin sondy staci dat ! nebo odebrat), pak to vyzkousej.

      1. Přidal jsem před probe pi ! ale moc to nepomohlo, teď to píše: Probe triggered prior to movement

  2. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but I am trying to change the height at which the first layer is printed but can’t seem to get it working. I tried editing the probe z_offset in the config file (although I suspect that this is something unrelated), and I tried the probe calibrate routine.
    Am I doing the right things?

    1. Hi, it is the right place!

      You have to recalibrate the printer after changing the z_offset.

      Read my Klipper macro article.
      I had become lazy to change the value and recalibrate the printer, so I found out two options:
      Z offset in Slicer
      Z offset macro.

      I use the z offset macro, but you must call the macro after every reboot.

  3. After finishing the DELTA_CALIBRATION and PROBE_CALIBRATE, my Z offset it still not correct. When I run the commad “G1 Z0”, the nozzle stays up in the air about 10-12mm above the plate.
    When I did the manual calibration, it touched the plate on Z0.


    1. Hi, there is a bug in Klipper.
      Both calibrations work well, but….

      You need to take the probe value from calibration values, copy it, paste it into the probe value in the printer.cfg configuration section and undefine it.

      Klipper does not use probe value from calibration, it need to be modified in the configuration after calibration.

      Do this and perform automatic delta calibration.

  4. Thanks a lot for all the info about Anycibic Kosell. I started to install Klipper and get it working.. When I calibrate, I get the following error!
    Send: G28
    Recv: ok
    Recv: !! Probe triggered prior to movement
    Recv: ok
    Send: G28

    I went ahead and did manual calibration. Then it does not print well.. looks like it is printing in only one layer.. not raising at all..
    thanks in advance

  5. i got this message what shoud i do?
    Recv: // Starting manual Z probe. Use TESTZ to adjust position.
    Recv: // Finish with ACCEPT or ABORT command.
    Recv: // Z position: ?????? –> 5.000 <– ??????
    Recv: // Unknown command:"PROBE"
    Recv: !! Already in a manual Z probe. Use ABORT to abort it.

      1. i’m sorry , just forgot not edited the config file… for selecting the probe type…
        right now my printer work like a charm thanks to your tutorial…..

  6. Is there a way to do Delta Calibration without a probe but using the nozzle and a sheet of Paper? (just Like the G33 on MK4DUO or Marlin)

  7. If i do that my probe crashes into the bed?? I used your config for the SKR 1.3 and i only changed the steppers to 2209_uart..

    I use the Anycubic probe V2. Is there anything else i should change??

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