Porsche 944 fuel rail repair


Leaking Porsche 944 fuel rail is a typical problem.
If you can smell gas under the bonet, you should stop the car and keep the car running.
Open the bonet and look for any fuel leaks arout the fuel rail.
In my case it was easy. The fuel was literally dripping.

2. Disassembly

Remove fuel hose.
Remove all tight hosel from both regulators.
Put some tissues under the fuel regulator.
Loose both nuts holding it and remove the regulator.

Disconnect all spurk plugs.
Loose all 4 screws holding the fuel rail at it’s position.

O rings on fuel injectors are still holding the fuel rail.
Take the fuel rail in both hands and remove it carefully.

We have a winner!
Typical problem with an early Porsche 944 fuel rail is that the welds are too weak.

Witch a brass welding equipment it is not so hard to reinforce the original welds.

One larger brass weld.

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