KIAUH update guide


1. KIAUH update

KIAUH update must be done via SSH tool such as a PuTTY.
It is not possible to update KIAUH via Fluidd, Mainsail or Octoprint interface.

Fluidd Software Updates
Mainsail Software Updates

1.1. Use a SSH client to connect to Raspberry

Enter the Raspberry’s IP address and hit Open.

1.2. Login

Use your Raspberry login, default is pi
Hit Enter.

Enter password for pi account and hit enter.
Default value is raspberry
If you are not familiar with Linux systems, do not be scared that you will not see the password, not even * characters.

1.3. Start KIAUH interface

Send this command to show KIAUH interface and hit enter:

1.4. Update window

Window with update option will show up.

1.5. Update confirmation

Press Y on your keyboard and hit Enter.

1.6. Reboot system

You should restart KIAUH or reboot the entire system after the update is installed.

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  1. Hi, great information thanks. Agree KIAUH cannot be updated any other way, however let’s not confuse that with updating the supporting packages e.g. Klipper, which as you show in the first picture above can be done through the GUI/interface in Mainsail, Fluidd, or Octoprint

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