Anycubic Kossel Corner Reinforcements


Stock Anycubic Kossel frame tends to bend during acceleration and deceleration.
These handy corner reinforcements help a lot and significaly improve printing quality.

1. Buy T nuts and screws

If you want to use all 6 possible corner reinforcements with the biggest amount of fixing points, you will need at least 60 T nuts and 60 M4 screws.
So order them in advance.

2. Download stl files

Click on the picture, download files.

I always prefer this version with more fixing points over the simple version, but the installation will hurt your feelings…

Extract files and open Escuadron_2hole.STL in your slicer and print 3 of them.

3. Prepare them

For each part you will need:
10x M4 x 12 mm screw
10x M4 T nut

Use a 4-4.5 mm drill and drill all holes.

Use 6 screws and T nuts.
Insert screws into the holes and screw T nuts on them (just a few turns, you must leave some free space)

4. Put them on the frame

Here comes the worst part…
There are two ways how to install them:
1. Disassemble frame
2. Using magnet for inserting last 4 T nuts.

I have chosen the second option.

Use a small magnet and some tool, such as imbus key and grab a T nut.

Slowly move the T nut down until you can put a screw into it.

Tighten all screws and get yourself a treat.

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