Porsche 944 headlight replacement


1. Introduction

Porsche 944 headlight replacement is one of the must upgrades, because many 944s are having the same problem – the lights are not shining enough after all those years.
This article will help you replace your old, faded headlights.

Pure lighting can is usually caused by these options:
1. Headlight glass has been damaged by stones
2. Cheap/not bright light bulbs
3. Parabola’s chrome oxidation
4. Dust inside the parabolas
6. Headlights are badly adjusted
5. Undervoltage

This article will guide you how to solve options 1, 2, 3, 4

There are three ways how to change and replace headlights.
1) Renovation.
2) Buy original Hella Porsche 944 head lamp units for cca 150$ each.
3) Buy head lamp units for Golf 1 for 15$ a piece and modify them.

I have choosen option 3 – brand new VW Golf 1 headlights.

Nice VW Golf, isn’t it?

2. Purchase list

Headlight unit / parabola:
Porsche 944 headlight frame: 477941046
Porsche 944 headlight: 94463110102
VW Golf Mk1 complete unit: 0018203261

Light bulbs:
Osram Night Breaker Next Generation: OS-64193NL-HCB

I have purchased these brand new head lamp units for cca 30 dollars.

I recommend changing the light bulbs too.
It is much easier to do so while changing the parabolas.
I have chosen Osram Night Breaker Next Generation.

Buy also some of these.
The original ones are probably worn out or damaged.

3. Headlight removal

Remove the top of the pop-up light.
1) Unscrew one screw at the back of the cover with the lights down.
2) Turn on the lights and let them go up.
3) Unscrew two remaining screws which are on the sides of the cover.
4) Remove the top cover .

Unscrew the front plastic cover and remove it.

Unscrew these 4 screws.

Remove the light unit.

4. New headlight modification

I have tried to mount the new head light unit, but it can not be done.
The top part must be cut, otherwise you will not able to mount the top cover

Now let’s compare them.
As you can see in the picture, there is a cutted part on the left head light unit.
It has been changed and modified earlier by the previous owner.

There are three different types in this picture:
1) Upper left – original part
2) Lower left – modified non original part
3) Both rigt – new Golf 1

I have tried bending the top of the parts, but the height has not decreasead as much as desired.

Remove the steel plate from the parabola and cut off cca 1.5 cm of the plate.

Do not forget to file off the edges and use some paint on the exposed parts without any anti rust protection.

This is how they should look after previous modifications.

5. Headlight installation

Connect the ligt bulb plug.
Mount the head light unit.
Screw it tight.

Complete the assembly.

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