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Anycubic Z probe accuracy

Anycubic Z probe accuracy test. I could not find any informations about accuracy of this original probe which was being sold with Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus so I used Klipper and PROBE_ACCURACY to measure it. WHERE TO BUY 1. Accuracy testing with multiple attaching and removing This routine was tested because we need to attach…

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Anycubic Kossel Klipper delta calibration

After flashing Klipper, it is necessary to perform a delta calibration.Delta calibration will probe multiple points on bed and calculate rod length, tower angle, z height and other delta variables. 1. Attach and connect Z probe 2. Open OctoPrint Open OctoPrint and connect to printer. 3. Delta calibration Open Terminal and send home command:G28Send this…

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Anycubic Kossel Marlin flow calibration

After extruder calibration you should calibrate material flow.It is possible that without flow calibration you printer will be over extruding and your print quality will be bad.You can easily modify it in your slicer, such as Cura. 1. Download cube stl file Click on the picture and download a 25*25*25 mm cube. 2. Slice it…

Calibration | Kossel | Marlin

Anycubic Kossel Marlin extruder calibration

1. Preparation 1.1. Heat up the nozzle Start by heating up the nozzle to your printing temperature PLA 190°C, PETG 230°C, ABS/ASA 250°C 1.2. Retract filament Push the extruder calipers and retract filament from bowden with the other hand 1.3. Bowden removal Press the bowden coupler and remove the bowden 1.5. Insert filament Cut the…

Calibration | Kossel | Marlin

Anycubic Kossel PID calibration

1. What is it good for? PID regulation is necessary for consistent 3D printing.Bad PID values can cause thermal runaway problems or at least inconstintent flow.If you have upgraded extruder fan, extruder head, heater or hot end, you defininitely should perform PID calibration. This guide will onstruct you how to perform a extuder PID calibration….