Anycubic Z probe accuracy

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Anycubic Z probe accuracy test.
I could not find any informations about accuracy of this original probe which was being sold with Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus so I used Klipper and PROBE_ACCURACY to measure it.

1. Accuracy testing with multiple attaching and removing

This routine was tested because we need to attach the probe before every bed leveling, delta calibration and remove it before printing anything

Z probe offset was measured in three sets with 10 repetitions in each set for every “calibration routine” which consists of removing and attaching Z probe on effector

I wanted to test how bed temperature affects Z probe offset, so there are 3×3 sets of 10 measurements for each bed temperature:
Bed at 20°C, 3x attaching and removing probe, each removing/attaching routine was tested in 3 different sets with 10 values in each set

Each set of values was measured this way:
G28 – home printer
PROBE_ACCURACY – measure z probe offset 10 times and calculate average value

As you can see in this table, homing does not usually affects Z probe offset that much.
Important is attaching the probe at the same position everytime.

It is easier to see the difference of Z probe offset in this graph. It shows that the Z probe offset remains +- the same after each homing in the same set (repetition order 1 – 3)
The most important thing is to attach the probe the same way and to the same positions, because removing and attaching probe causes large Z probe offset deviations, in this case up to 0.4 mm.

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