Anycubic Kossel Raspberry camera IR mount

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1. Introduction

I could’t find any decent Kossel Raspberry camera mount, so I have designed this one.
It can be printed easily without any bridges or supports.
All you need to do is print stl files and buy a few M3 screws and M3 nuts.

2. Download stl models

Version 1 – 4DOF
Designed for a simple use.
Click on the picture to download stl models.

Version 2 – 5DOF
Design for a better and easier adjusting
Only the arms have been modified.
Click on the picture to download stl models.

3. Printing parts

Parts can be printed in 2 hours with a PLA.

4. Assembly

Put a M3 nut inside.

Use 4 screws delivered with the camera.
Tighten them so the camera stays at it’s place.

Get 3x M3x8 or 3x M3x6 screws and tighten the cover.

Tight Holder–1-3mm-var4 with a washer and a M3x8 – M3x10 screw.

Insert a M3 nut inside Holder-4 or Holder-2.

With a M3x10 and a M3 washer screw together Holder-2/Holder-4 and Holder-3-4mm.

I would suggest to use another M3 nut to ensuse the rotatable arm holder stays in it’s position.

Insert the arm inside the holders and secure it with M3x18 screws and M3 nuts.

T nuts are usually being sold with M4 threads.
Screw them onto M4 bolts ant attach the entire raspberry camera mount to the Kossel frame.

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