Bambu Studio installation


Bambu Studio

Bambu Studio is a software used for slicing and preparing 3D parts for your 3D printer.

The software already includes settings for:
Bambu Labs X1C
Bambu Labs X1
Bambu Labs P1P
Voron family

It is an open-source slicer based on a PrusaSlicer.
You can find new releases and informations on Bambu Lab GitLab.


Navigate to the official Bambu Studio download page and download the studio installation file.

Open the downloaded file and run the installation

Go through the installation wizard

Select associated file types.
BambuStudio will appear int he open with menu in your Windows explorer.

Gettting started

Set up your login region

Select if you want to allow sending anonymous data

Printer Selection

Select what printers and nozzle settings you want to import.

Filament selection

Bambu Studio offers prepared filament profiles with optimized settings for these filament brands:
Bambu filaments
Polymaker filaments
Generic filaments – I recommend using them for other filament brands

Network plug-in

Is necessary if you want to use network features.

Firewall settings

Select network types to use with the Bambu Studio.

Finish the installation.

You are good to go

Now you can create or open a new project

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