V6 Copper heater block


High-end V6 heater block CNC machined from a copper block, plated with nickel for a harder and more resistant surface. This is basically the best option you can get. Copper has a very high thermal conductivity so the heat from heater is better transfered to nozzle.

1. Is it a good choice for my 3D printer?

Standard 3D printers:
I would reccomend this heater block for any filament. It is the best option for ABS/ASA and another filaments with a higher melting point.
It could be overkill for standard PLA filaments, but it will work very well.

High-end 3D printers:
This is the best V6 heater block option on the market.

2. What is inside the package?

You will get nice plastic case with a heater brake, silicone sock, screw for heater and a machine screw for thermistor.
So basically all you need 🙂

3. Material properties

For a better understanding how it works, I prepared some technical informations for you.

3. 1. Thermal conductivity

Thermal capacity is the amount of heat per unit time per unit area that can be conducted through a plate of unit thickness of a given material, the faces of the plate differing by one unit of temperature.

In short – how much energy does the material conducts.

Aluminium: 237 W/m*K
Brass: 109 W/m*K
Copper: 413 W/m*K

3. 2. Thermal capacity:

Thermal capacity says how much energy we need to warm up one kilogram of material to increase it’s temperature 1°C.

Aluminium: cca 890 J/kg*°C
Brass: cca 920 J/kg*°C
Copper: cca 385 J/kg*°C

3. 3. Thermal expansion:

Thermal expansion is increase in linear dimensions of a solid or in volume of a fluid because of rise in temperature.

We have a 3 dimensional object, so we need to use a volumetric coefficient of expansion which is about three times the linear coefficient of expansion.

Aluminium: 75 10-6*°C
Brass: 56 10-6*°C
Copper: 51 10-6*°C

3. 4. Density

Aluminium: 2710 kg/m3
Brass: 8730 kg/m3
Copper: 8960 kg/m3

4. Dimensions

All of these V6 heater blocks use design from E3D.

5. Weight

Copper heater block: 28.71 g
Copper heater block + silicone sock: 31.28 g

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