Ikea Skadis flower pot

Thinking about Skadis storage system improvements?
Try this flower pot upgrade.

3D modeling

The first step was to create a precise 3D model in Autodesk Inventor.

Water drainage and air flow

While modeling flower pot I have focused on gaps between Skadis container and the flower pot for air flow, which are about 1 mm wide.
You can see drain ducts in the picture below.
These ducts are necessary for draining extra water out of the pot ant it’s vaporizing.
There are 3 ducts lenghtwise and 2 cross ducts.

6x 5 mm holes in the bottom of the pot create stable water drainage.

Printed flower pot using Anycubic Kossel

PETG, 0.4 mm Nozzle, HE 240°C, HB 80°C, Cooling 80%, 110% Material flow

Download 3D model, stl files

I have prepared 3 different versions depending on it’s thickness.
Recommended is 0.7 mm version, 0.4/0.8 mm nozzle and 105-110% flow.
No supports are needed, only if our bed is not sticking well.

Ikea Skadis container source

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