Anycubic Kossel Klipper upload printer.cfg

Guide how to upload a printer.cfg file via SFTP to your Raspberry

It can be tricky to upload a Klipper printer.cfg to a Raspberry for those who have no experience with SFTP.
The installation guide says to use SFTP but without any more help.

Klipper installation guide:

1. Total commander installation

Go to the official Total Commander page and download a version for your operating system.

Now install Total Commander.

2. SFTP plugin installation

Go to plugin site and download SFTP plugin or download it here.

Open Total Commander and localize the downloaded zip file with the SFTP plugin.
Double click on it and a installation window will open.
Please note that it is not possible to install the plugin via standard Windows Explorer – you must open the file in Total Commander.
Install the plugin.

3. Creating new SFTP connection

Go to network – Secure FTP

Press F7 for a new connection.
Enter Raspberry’s IP address, user name and password.
Default user name: pi
Default password: raspberry
Click on OK.

4. Copying the printer.cfg file

Configuration examples can be found here:
Klipper GIT examples
Klipper config checks

Navigate to \home\pi and copy your printer.cfg file with a F5.

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