Anycubic Kossel wiki

I have owned this awesome Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus aka KLP 3D printer since 2017.
Story of this page begins at the time I have started looking for upgrades on the internet and became flustrated.
It was very difficult to find any page containing tutorials or explanations about particular upgrade.
And searching for an answer in a FB groups is a madness.

Kossel E3D V6 upgrade

Complete manual for upgrading your Anycubic Kossel to E3D V6.
Including pictures, links and description.
All metal heat break allows you to print materials with higher melt temperature.

Kossel Marlin firmware 

Marlin 2.0 bugfix brings better performance and improved bed calibration.
This is one of recommended upgrades.

Kossel bed leveling

Bed leveling is a crucial step in 3D printing. There is no good looking printed part without optimal first layer. Learn how to correctly level your bed with Marlin FW using delta calibration and Z probe.

Kossel PID calibration

Fixes thermal runaway errors.
Better consistency, easier heating.

Kossel fans disassembly

First part of the fan upgrade guide.
Learn how to remove old fans, their charasteristics before purchasing new ones.

Kossel fan upgrade

This article will guide you through changing all the fans for new and more quiet types.
Technical information chart and links where to buy for each fan included.

Kossel adjustible extruder mount

Kossel extruder mount upgrade fixes common filament breaking problem.
Simply rotate the extruder motor to match your remaining filament on the spool.
Easily adjustible 0 - 40° angle.